15 Medium-Related articles.

I’ve decided to compile a list of my Medium-related articles because I am simply bored and don’t publish consistently anymore!

None of them have been distributed — because Medium doesn’t like to distribute any writing about the platform — and the vast majority have been published in my favourite publication…

The ‘Vegas Loop’ Tesla-powered tunnel is nothing but a catastrophe.

Photo by Grant S on Unsplash

Ah, Elon Musk. If you haven’t heard this name before, he is the creator of the electric car company Tesla, CEO of SpaceX, multiple business investor, father, 2021 Time Person of the Year and, billionaire. Who doesn’t know who Elon Musk is?

Die-hard Elon Musk supporters believe the vast majority…

Shamar M

Based in the UK. BSc Psychology. PG DIP HR Management. Chief of publication The First Time.

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