I Met Someone Who Escaped The War In Ukraine Whilst High On Magic Mushrooms

You hear the horror stories of those who have left Ukraine and read all the articles in the papers, but I had not yet come into contact with anyone who had faced the brutal realities of the war.

Shamar M
7 min readOct 2, 2022


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For three nights and four cold days, I’ve been in the Netherlands with my best friend. Getting to the hotel was a nightmare, I’m useless at navigating around in areas I’m not familiar with, so being in another country was like being on another planet.

Luckily, my best friend is due to be traveling to Asia in January, so she had no issue with taking the wheel. Practice makes perfect.

When we got to the hotel, the front desk staff were fantastic. One of the two staff members was really shy, she couldn’t have been any older than 18. To be honest, it sounded as if she was new because she kept asking her colleague questions. On the other hand, the second staff member was very talkative and outgoing.

Our room was small and I had accidentally booked a queen bed and not two single beds. Damn, it’s cold in Amsterdam so we are going to be fighting over the duvet!

We both decided to take a nap before we explored the city in the afternoon. The ‘nap’ lasted nearly 3 hours. I always forget how badly traveling can drain you as you have to increase your spatial awareness by 400% to ensure you don’t get robbed and you’re on the right path.

Once we had awoken from our beauty slumber, we decided to proceed to go on an open boat night-time canal cruise. Honestly, if you’ve never gone on one before, they are highly recommended. They’re better than the standard canal boat cruises because they are small enough to fit through the small canals.

The two girls in reception seemed to have finished their shift because a new girl with matte black hair, a slim figure, and a very pretty face had taken their place.

My friend had asked for a bottle of water, which we were expecting to pay for because nothing in this life is free, but it was handed to us for free. Perhaps it’s because her manager didn’t seem to be around, it looked like…



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