I Refuse To Date Anyone Who Has An Android Phone

A critique of the most comical, most alarming and just one of the stupid trends in young generations.

Shamar M
4 min readFeb 19, 2021


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The following is a sentence that someone had just recently tweeted and quite honestly I cannot believe it. I refuse to date anyone who has an Android phone.

If you are unaware, there has been an ongoing argument in society since the beginning of time that iPhone’s are better than Android phones. To add insult to injury, there is an underlying rule in society that Android phone users cannot be taken seriously. Why? Because they have a low-quality camera that does not compare to iPhone users and makes it hard to view their social medias. That’s just one pathetic reason.

The second pathetic reason that Android users are not valued is because they just simply do not own an iPhone. They don’t have that magic Apple sign on their phone so therefore they aren’t as valuable as an iPhone user.

My whole life I had owned Android phones. From the simple Motorola Razor., LG Cookie, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S7. My friends ridiculed me day in day out. It was awfully unfair and I could never get my head round the fact that I’m a societal laughing stock just because my phone isn’t an iPhone? Is this really the reason why I’m single?

In September 2018, I went to Amsterdam with my friends and we got into a heated argument over iPhone vs Android. Come March 2019 when I was due an upgrade, I very much wanted the new Samsung S9 (WITH the free Samsung Galaxy buds) but I ended up with an iPhone XS just because I had it ingrained in my head that I was missing out and this is the reason I had been single for the past six years.

That was three years ago and the argument is still as strong as ever.

But this is besides the point, I cannot believe that young adults are claiming not to want to date someone due to the type of phone they own? Talk about self-sabotage at its finest! Those who claim to exclude Android phone users from their life are also the same people who agree that this generation is in dating hell. Yeah, I wonder why!



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