Stop Shaming Outfit Repeaters

Do you shame Superman and Spiderman for wearing the same costume?

Shamar M
3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Let’s start by outlining what an outfit repeater actually is;

“An outfit repeater wears the same outfit over + over again but makes it feel fresh + new each time.” —

If you’re a male, I’ll let you into a secret. Women hate to wear outfits twice and I’m personally guilty. A lot of my friends and I will buy a new outfit for every new occasion that arises. Birthday parties or dinners, concerts, dates, you name it.

Yes, it’s a huge waste of money and I’ve got for too many parcels to send back.

A lot of girls fall into the habit of wearing an outfit, not removing the labels and sending it back the next day. I’ve never heard of a company that wouldn’t accept an outfit back despite their policies directly outlining they do not take back worn clothes.

Yuck. That means whilst we think our clothes are brand new, some girl has gone 24 hours with her sweaty, smelly pits and make-up spread all over them! But that’s a different topic.

Anyway, this kind of fraud is mainly only for occasions that require us to ‘look the part’ in the evening or night.

Why do people do this? A pet-peeve of mine is when my friends will have worn an outfit, they want their photo taken but they refuse to upload it to social media because they’ve already taken photos/videos of themselves in that outfit.

Are you serious?

We buy clothes to wear them, so what if people online have seen you in an outfit before?

I myself have had some stupid comments thrown my way. My friend turned round and said to me; “I think I’ve seen you in those pair of jeans before, Shamar.”

Yes, you have seen me in these jeans before because I’ve only got two blue pairs of jeans, and these are my only ripped pair! What’s wrong with my wearing my blue jeans?

Clothes are meant to be bought and worn, not chucked away after one use otherwise we would all be wearing paper clothes. Not to mention the negative impact on the environment.



Shamar M

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