When Is It The Right Time To Change Jobs?

Are you a job-hopper, or are you just trying to widen your experiences?

Shamar M


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I started my current position in September 2021 after leaving a job I had been in for only 5 months.

I want a new job already.

My biggest problem is that I keep restricting myself to dull, repetitive administrator jobs. When I had graduated back in 2018, the idea was to get an administrative job just to keep the funds coming in after being made redundant.

Even though I’ve moved up one or two positions on the administrative career ladder, I know I’m worth more than this! It’s time to progress, but is it too early? Consistently changing my career would be the start of my job-hopping.

According to totaljobs.com, job-hopping is “changing jobs regularly. Holding each role for a relatively short period, for example, one year.”

One year? Ops! I wonder how six months or less look to recruiters and hiring managers…

Why do people job-hop?

Firstly, our generation isn’t stupid. Those aged 30 and below are fully aware that companies aren’t loyal to us — regardless of the benefits of being an employee at that organisation. Why shouldn’t I move on and do what I want to do? Why shouldn’t I seek better opportunities for myself? Administrative jobs are very easily replaceable.

Secondly, Flexjobs state that employees may job-hop because they aren’t a good cultural fit for a company. I feel this is an extremely important statement to make and can be very easily overlooked. Back in 2020, this was the main reason I changed my job despite being there for three years.

Thirdly, people may just want to be consistently challenged. Once someone is used to a role, they may want to develop new skills and talents. If the company cannot provide this self-development, say bye to the employee! Lack of career progression opportunities/promotions may also be an issue.

There’s a load of variables out there that explain why someone job hops. Who knows, someone could be on the brink of being fired each and every time!

Is it a thing of the times?



Shamar M

27. Based in the UK. PG DIP HR Management. Chief of publication The First Time. Editor in About Me Stories.