Why I Drink 400ml of Lemon Water A Day

5 benefits of drinking lemon water and how to make lemon water.

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My friend is a health freak, she’s always got tips and tricks for me on how to lose weight and work out. In conversation a while ago, she mentioned that she drunk lemon and cucumber water for a good six weeks and she lost masses of fat around her stomach.

Losing masses of fat around your stomach? Sounds like a good idea. I had heard that lemon is fantastic for you in general, my mother had told me years ago.

Ever since that conversation a few months back, I’ve been drinking 400ml of lemon water after my breakfast in the morning once a day. My friend didn’t mention specifically that she drank 400ml, she actually drank it throughout the entire day which is probably over 1 litre, but that’s too much lemon for me…

Vitamin C

Although it’s not the best fruit, lemon is a fantastic source of Vitamin C with 100g of lemon containing 53mg of it. If 100g is equal to 100ml and I have half a lemon a day, then I drink 106mg of Vitamin C a day.

Vitamin C is necessary for growth and repair of body tissue, absorption of iron, benefiting the immune system, wound health and the maintanance of bones and teeth.


Lemon is actually a beauty miracle for skin. Dermatologists claim that it fights unwanted discolouration as well as make your skin appear more radiant, reduce signs of aging and fine lines, repair any damage, can treat mild acne and spot breakouts.

Please do not apply lemon directly to your skin. As it is fairly acidic, it can cause erosion and chemical burns. Dermatologist Dhaval G. Bhanusali explains that a common rash called phytophotodermatitis can appear when lemon has been applied to the skin and is then exposed to sunlight.

Weight loss

This was the main reason I begun to drink lemon water, but since I’ve done my research, I drink it purely because it’s healthy as hell for you.

Firstly, lemon water is extremely low calorie with only one glass containing six calories. Replacing lemon water with fizzy drinks or even orange juice can be help contribute to weight loss.

Secondly, lemon water can help you feel more full. Research conducted in 2008 found that a glass of lemon water before a meal can reduce the number of calories consumed in the meal by 13%.

Thirdly, a study conducted in 2011 assigned 48 adults to a lemon water intake group and non-lemon water intake group. Results showed that the lemon water group had lost 44% more weight than the other group after 12 weeks.


I can say for a fact that lemon water helps digestion. Ever since I had started drinking it, I can go for a number 2 every day.

Additionally, lemon water prevents the build-up of toxins and helps prevent constipation.


400ml of lemon water is still 400ml of water. The human body NEEDS to drink water with the average recommended daily intake for men being 3.7L and for women being 2.7L.

Personally, I think this is way too much and I drink 1.2L of water a day on average. This is still better than the vast majority of people and I do not have time to go and pee every two minutes.

So, those are the benefits. Are there any cons? Firstly, as lemons are acidic this can contribute to erosion of teeth enamal so it’s recommended to drink it through a straw.

Secondly, it’s not great for those who get heartburn easily or have acid reflux because the lemon is only going to contribute to this.

How to make lemon water

When I first started drinking lemon water, I struggled to get it down quickly and found myself taking sips instead of just drinking it because it can taste bland and bitter.

My friend adds cucumber to her water and my mum used to add a teaspoon of sugar to make it less bitter. Turns out there’s a whole bunch of ways you can jazz up your lemon water:



Lemon (I put half a lemon in my 400ml)

Whatever you fancy

  1. You need to squeeze the juice out of the lemon with a juicer or your strong, bare hands. Do not just add lemon slices because you’re not making a cocktail, you actually want the entire juice.
  2. Add different types of citrus fruits for more flavour (e.g. lime or orange).
  3. Add a teaspoon of honey or golden syrup for added sweetness.
  4. Add ice cubes to make it more refreshing and bearable, although is recommended to drink lemon water within room temperature.

In summary, I cannot tell you/show you the benefits I’ve gained personally since I’ve started drinking lemon water because it’s mainly for your insides. My skin is already clear and I very rarely get spots, so it wouldn’t make too much of a difference for me in that area.

Please remember that drinking lemon water is not a form of diet, it’s simply one way to improve the insides of your body, to make a healthy change and to encourage you to drink more water.

BSc Psychology. PG DIP HR Management. UK. based. Editor of Show Your City publication. Top Writer in Sports.

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